Non-Emergency Telephone

To report an emergency issue during business hours or after-hours for non-emergency issues, please leave a message at (928) 923-9388.

Business Hours

Monday:  8 AM-12 Noon

Tuesday:  8 AM-12 Noon

Wednesday:  8 AM-12 Noon

Thursday:  8 AM-12 Noon

Friday:  8 AM-12 Noon

Emergency After Hours

To report a water emergency after-hours please call (760) 673-9416.

About Us


What we do.

We are a water company that provides drinking water to the Ehrenberg community that meets or exceeds all State and Federal Standards.


How we do it.

We pump water from the Colorado River.  Then we filter the water, add chlorine to it and then distribute it to the community.


Concerns about lead?

None of the water mains or service connections in our system contain lead.  We test our water for lead and copper in accordance with EPA and State ADEQ requirements.  None of our testing has ever shown significant amounts of lead or copper.  We have never exceeded EPA standards for lead or copper.  If you want your water tested, we can help you to do it.

Consumer Confidence Reports

Every year, by law, we produce a document called a Consumer Confidence Report.  This report compiles the results of all of the water testing performed during the past three years.

Past Consumer Confidence Reports may be viewed by clicking on the "Consumer Confidence Rep't" button on the top of the main page or the button below and then clicking on the year you want to see.


River Levels

River Reports

The levels of the river are important to everyone who uses the river.  Click on the "River Levels" tob on the top of this page to access reports on how much water is flowing down the river in our vicinity.

Historically, river levels are at their lowest on Fridays.  This is due to the fact that the river only flows by Ehrenberg so it can get to the canals in Yuma and then to California farmers.  Weekend demands for water at those farms is lower during the weekend and then ramps up during the week.

The most accurate measurements for the current river level is the data on the "I-10 Bridge" location.  Data at the "Colorado River Below Palo Verde Diversion Dam" on the USBR website shows what the levels will be in Ehrenberg in approximately six hours.  The Palo Verde Diversion Dam is about 12 miles upstream from Ehrenberg.  It takes the water about six hours to travel from there to Ehrenberg.

Learn More

Explore the mountain of information about water in the West on the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and United States Geological Survey (USGS) websites.


The EIA Community Center Building is available for rent for $50.00 per 24 hours.

Contact us at (928) 923-9388 or E-mail us using the button below to reserve your date for your party or event.

Contact Us

See us in person.

Feel free to visit during normal business hours.  We are located on the SW corner of Ehrenberg-Parker Hwy. and Comber Blvd., just across the street from the Fire Station in the blue and white building.

Ehrenberg Improvement District

49100 Ehrenberg-Parker Hwy., Ehrenberg, AZ 85334

(928) 923-9388


Open today

08:00 am – 12:00 pm

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